Monday, January 7, 2013

Horay for Etsy!

   I've posted some cute things in my Etsy shop!

   I'm very excited about that because I'm very tired from the frantic nesting I've been doing lately, but I still managed to remember and take care of business!

   The mad wait for Baby is on and I've found myself calling my midwife frequently to ask her if I'm in labor. So far, no baby yet. . . . . . . still not yet. . .

   In other news, here are some pictures of the baby shower cards in the making.

   Well now I'm at loss for words, so I guess that's it for this week. . . perhaps. . .

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Nothing to Report

   I am sad to report, nothing.

   I really have been too busy with our furnace being dead, making baby shower cards, nesting like a mad momma and being sick to care at all about crafts. *sigh

   I have intentions, I really do, and I did manage to write a bit on one of my books. :)

   Right now however, I sick and all day I've been avoiding all responsibilities like the plague.  I'm gonna go nap now.