Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry/ Happy Christmas Eve/ Holidays!

   I got all my Xmas shopping done yesterday! Horay!

   Although my family celebrates Christmas, mainly on Christmas Eve, I think Xmas sounds much cooler. Perhaps because "X" is a neat letter which I have nostalgic attachments to because of Professor Xavier of the X-Men, or perhaps I'm just lazy and it's shorter and easier to write, type and say. :)
  I bet it's that.

   As far as CRAFTING goes, I'm on number three of six washcloths I'm knitting for when Baby is born! Woo!
   I still need to finish Baby's blanket, but the midwife requested six washcloths, so I figure I better finish them first cause we'll need them soon!

   My next goal is a bunch of adorable Barbie Valentine stuff! I'm going to make cards, boxes of chocolates and heart shaped suckers!

   I hope you all have a wonderful day and if you're celebrating anything today, I hope it's great!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Here it Wednesday and I haven't even gotten to my blog this week!
Oh my god, it's Thursday!

   So I'd love to say I've been just so busy selling stuff on Etsy and writing in my new books and making x-mas things, but in reality, no. no.

   What I have been doing is KNITTING LIKE CRAZY! Thankfully that took care of a x-mas present, however I found out that for my baby's home birth, I need SIX wash clothes! I've finished one and am almost half way through another.
   I also need six towels which I will have to buy. Which is lame because our dryer broke. That was ok because our fantastic roomate decided to get one for us for x-mas, but now our FURNACE broke!

   To replace our furnace it's going to be $2000, low end.

   . . . I just quit my job last Saturday. We need our money for baby and midwife stuff. Now is not the time to suddenly need $2000, especially when the refuse to do payment plans and keeping the house at 80 degrees F is important so Baby doesn't freeze!

UPDATE: Dryer people were just here! We got our dryer! Horay! Unfortunately the outlet for the dryer is for a range stove. :S . . . What the . . .?  Now we have to hire an electrician to replace the outlet before we can use our dryer! :( Sad. 

   Also, I've been making 40 baby shower cards. I need them done by Friday.
   FORTY!! I was supposed to have help, but I guess that's not going to happen now, so I'm all alone to make 40 cards. . . and our printer ran out of ink . . . and the lady at the print shop never contacted me back . . . and it doesn't seem like my fiance got my texts about helping me last night. . .
   So, now I have to make the insides myself, put them on something portable and take them over to my aunt's house to print off! Good plan self! Let's see it in action!

What a week!

On a more adorable note, the neighbor's dog has claimed our house.

We've seen her quite a bit wandering outside. At first we figured she had gotten away from her people and would return that night. Then when we kept seeing her, I started to wonder if she was a stray. She has no collar and it seems like she's always outside. Poor doggy.

   After petting her for a few days my fiance let her inside our house one cold night, and well, now she comes over at least once a day.
   We're teaching her manners, but she's become very protective of our house. She runs out and barks at visitors, which I've never heard her do before she claimed our house! She's been living here for a while now and whenever I'd see her outside the most I've heard from her is a gruff little "woof." Before we let her inside she's never gone all out with the frantic, at your heels "this is my house! You back off!" barking.

  I'm not really sure what to do about that because, she's honestly not our dog so we're not going to keep her inside if she doesn't want to be, then again, when she just wants outside to bark at OUR visitors. :S What do I do?

   I'd hate to start training her outside and have her real owners come over and freak out, but then again they leave her outside until her feet bleed, so I don't mind that she's claimed us.

That and the fact that she is absolutely adorable. Next time she's over I think I'll take some pics. :D
And I'm off!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Tree Ideas

   We just put our tree up moments ago, and despite our cramped little house it looks very nice.
   Beings as we're not quite doing "Christmas" anyway, I've decided to make a more personal topper for our tree this year. My daughter recommended Cthulu. :) She's so cute.  I love my little nerd so much!

   Every year after Christmas is over and everything is on sale, we each buy one new ornament a piece. It's a special little tradition I enjoy a lot. It makes our tree special.

 My family seems to like getting ornaments for Christmas so this year. . . :D They're getting THESE!!

   I'm disappointed that I haven't gotten any sales yet on my Etsy store. I was really hoping it would do something during this busy buying season.

   I have knitted some simple, grey diagonal dish clothes for my grandmother for X-Mas. I was thinking of doing my own design, but then I just really want to get stuff done in time.
   I plan on making a bunch of charms for people out of polymer, but I haven't gotten there yet.

   I've decided that since I will be a homemaker as of this Saturday (Horay for quitting my job!!) I will carve my own schedule out of my week!

Sunday I will have off because my love usually does to
Monday is the same.
Tuesday I will spend from 8am to 3pm sewing and knitting for profit.
Wednesday from 8 to 3 will be my polymer clay for profit day
Thursday I will work on the books I write. (One is published on Lulu already.)
Friday I will work on computer scripting.
Saturday I will do all the other random things I make, like Barbie books, boxes, shoes, shovels, toys, animals and furniture.

  Seems like a good plan. :) We'll see how well it works.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Busy Busy!

    Christmas is descending upon us with a fury and so is the so called "busy season."

    Christmas is easy for me this year, because my family and I are DONE WITH SANTA! We are doing the New Year Panda some time in January. . . not sure what day exactly because our anniversary is the first and our baby shower is on the fifth.
   However, there are a bunch of people I care about whom I would like to gift on or around Xmas, so for them I must crunch time like everyone else, which I've put on the back burner so I can fill up my Etsy Shop as much as possible for busy season!

   Here's the stuff I did yesterday!!
   First, I posted four new listings in my etsy shop! aaaaaaannnnnd then I made:
                One   Two   Three   Four

Twenty Tiny Truffles! 
Mmmmmm dark chocolate!

 See how tiny they are!!

   I knitted my very first pair of socks! I also finished up this disappointingly small sweater I found the pattern for online.
   I made her coffee cup and hair thing out of scrap clay yesterday as well. The scrap was just too pretty not to use.

I made a little planter from the clay to,

and I actually made a bunch of hair things.

I started my own, much bigger, pattern for a doll sweater.
And I made some cookies.

Wrapped some lollipops. . .

. . . and took all those pictures!

Tired now! Overall I've been very productive, although I've been quite negligent in my cleaning duties. :S 

Next on the to do list; tiny chess boards, croissants, more mugs and flatware, Christmas presents, nap. Perhaps nap should be at the beginning of the list. . . . Yes, now I will nap.