Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Busy Busy!

    Christmas is descending upon us with a fury and so is the so called "busy season."

    Christmas is easy for me this year, because my family and I are DONE WITH SANTA! We are doing the New Year Panda some time in January. . . not sure what day exactly because our anniversary is the first and our baby shower is on the fifth.
   However, there are a bunch of people I care about whom I would like to gift on or around Xmas, so for them I must crunch time like everyone else, which I've put on the back burner so I can fill up my Etsy Shop as much as possible for busy season!

   Here's the stuff I did yesterday!!
   First, I posted four new listings in my etsy shop! aaaaaaannnnnd then I made:
                One   Two   Three   Four

Twenty Tiny Truffles! 
Mmmmmm dark chocolate!

 See how tiny they are!!

   I knitted my very first pair of socks! I also finished up this disappointingly small sweater I found the pattern for online.
   I made her coffee cup and hair thing out of scrap clay yesterday as well. The scrap was just too pretty not to use.

I made a little planter from the clay to,

and I actually made a bunch of hair things.

I started my own, much bigger, pattern for a doll sweater.
And I made some cookies.

Wrapped some lollipops. . .

. . . and took all those pictures!

Tired now! Overall I've been very productive, although I've been quite negligent in my cleaning duties. :S 

Next on the to do list; tiny chess boards, croissants, more mugs and flatware, Christmas presents, nap. Perhaps nap should be at the beginning of the list. . . . Yes, now I will nap.

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