Saturday, March 30, 2013

Baby Clothes

     I don't usually blog so often, but today I dressed my adorable daughter in blue.

Such a cutie.

    Now that me thinking about when I used to dress my oldest daughter in blue as an infant and I got A LOT of crap for it.
   I was told it was wrong and that I'd make her gay (yes, direct quote) and that I was confusing her.

   Now, up until six months, on average, babies can only see black, white and red.
   That's why we themed our youngest's stuff in black, white and red.
   P.S My oldest daughter is very girly now and into boys more than a seven year old should be.

   This got me thinking so I did some research and found the origins of this blue/pink war. 
   There is an adorable picture of baby Roosevelt in a skirt on that link.

    Armed with this new knowledge I am going to dress my children in clothes I deem "cute" regardless of my child's gender or the clothing's color or contents!

   If anyone else gives me crap I will tell them that FDR wore a dress until he was six!

              . . . Tske that rude people from the past!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Home improvements

I really need to finish some polymer clay stuff with my daughter and finish her couch. However, I have no idea where the staple gun wandered off to. It had a nice little home with all the other tools, but it seems most of them have wandered off into the great unknown.

I worry about because I'm a Mom and Moms are supposed to worry like that.

I hope wherever it is, it's happy, but I wish it would come home so we spend some time together and finish this project.

As for the polymer clay project, I have no excuses for that. They've just been sitting on my work/cutting board collecting dog hair which will:
                             A. Burn off when I cook the clay and make an awful smell.
                     and  B. Be a pain to pull of and make things ugly.

I do want to finish them, but I haven't yet. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? But for reason, I really don't care. Hmmmmm odd.

I've also been really, really considering excavating my beloved, expensive and fancy sewing machine to sew up some Barbie clothes!! Hells yeah! And I'm working on that goal by SPRIIIIIIIINGG CLEEEEANNNNINGGG-cleaning-clea-ning-ning-ning.

Yessss and while SPRIIIIIIIIING CLEEEEANING I've discovered that our kitchen sink was never calked down making the surrounding countertop wet underneath! Horay! So I guess I need to do take out for like a month so it dries and then calk it in? Or replace the counter top which will probably cost a lot?

I'd also like to get CLOSET ORGANIZATION SHELVES and make CRAFTING SHELVES, perhaps in the bedroom, or behind my sewing machine, which I should name, Yes. Sewing Machine will get a name soon. :)

Also I gave my Barbie, Monique, a french manicure. :)

Bye Bye

Friday, March 22, 2013


I just realized this is still in Drafts so I'm posting it finally!

On Sunday (Jan 13), I had a baby!

Her name is Luna Emma Kimerly.

I woke up Sunday morning at 5 am with strong contractions, which I still consider to be Saturday night.

My beloved fiance, Dan had been home from a frustrating day of work for an hour or two and was winding down with our roommate.

They were both surprised to see me waddle pregnantly, with sleepy eyes, from the bedroom. I pronounced that I having a contraction and sat down while my love whisked out to the cold shed with a flashlight to search for the water pump to fill the birth tub with.
The day before we had set up the birth pool to make sure it didn't have leaks, but Dan hadn't gotten the pump out yet.
After about a half hour of this continuous contraction, I said that I didn't think Baby was coming that night and the men, having done their manly duty in preparing for Baby, found other amusement
After an hour of the never ending contraction, I decided it was more Braxton Hics and headed back to bed.

Sunday morning at 11 am, which I do count as Sunday morning, I woke up again with strong contractions. Our fantastic midwife had previously told me to go do something totally different from what I was doing when the contractions started. If that makes them stop, then it's not labor. With my speedy detective skills, I decided that taking a shower was a good opposite to sleeping, so I took a short shower.

I noticed a meager gathering of dishes in the sink so I wandered over to clean them.
My lover loves a clean sink.
 When I grabbed the first pot, a gush of water exploded from me, warning everyone that Baby was coming soon.

Knowing that my love goes to bed around 6 or 7 am, I felt a bit bad about waking him so early, but I poked my head in the bedroom door and gently said, "Love, we're having a baby today."

He immediately jumped up and went into Daddy Panic Mode, turning on heaters and filling up the birth pool and generally running around frantically.

We called our fantastic midwife who headed over. She said that normally, she wouldn't head over so early, however my first daughter was born in under five hours while I slept. I didn't wake up until that one was crowning, so I'm special.

Five hours later, at 4:27, after pushing three times, Luna was born!
When I knew it was time I said, "time to catch." Daddy tried to catch her, but I stood up and he couldn't reach.

My neurotic dog, who had been fine with my grunts and the birth pool and the midwife, exploded in nervous barking when Luna screamed for the first time.

Luna was trying to be born face first, but changed her mind at the last moment and twisted around which bruised her whole tiny face! It was purple! Thankfully our midwife gave us vitamin K drops to give her and within a day two, the bruising cleared up.

We cuddled and loved her ever since!

Grandma Emma, after whom Luna is named, came right over with a bunch of beautiful flowers.

My eldest daughter, Amirra, was at her father's house at the time, but when she came home the next day. . . I was holding Luna when I opened the door for Amirra.
"Guess what?!" I asked her as soon as I could see her face.
She gasped in excitement, her eyes fluttering over her sibling.
"You have a new sister!" I told her.
I lowered Luna so Amirra could see, and she's been loving her ever since to!

I feel Blog on Fridays

   On Fridays, my daughter goes over to her father's house on the weekend.

   There is a kind of emptiness I always seem to feel on Fridays because of this. It makes me feel sad, like there's no reason to get out of bed. It makes me feel board, like there is nothing for me to do, which, ironically, makes me more productive.

   In other news:
   Baby Luna is a tubber! I took my daughters for an egg hunt for the Spring Equinox/ Ostara and I saw a baby that was 6 months old there who was thinner looking and smaller than my two month tubbo! Luna was also using her legs and holding her head up just as stably. If I hadn't been told how old she was, I would have assumed Luna was older. My yiddle baby was born too grown up!

    Back to Me for Arts 'n' Stuff,
   Thanks Me, well I was very productive this week in Arts 'n' Stuff! Before the party I quickly made up seven heart and seven smiley face necklaces out of polymer.
   I also gave one of my Barbies, Monique, a french manicure. Pictures will be up, when I feel like taking them.
   As soon as the staple gun is found I will be working on the Barbie couch more, but until then I think I'll try my hand at some jointed Barbie babies.

  Right now I'm off to write in one of the two books I hope to finish by next year.

   That's it for the Weekly Breezy News, I'm your host, Breezy wishing you a great productive week.

Friday, March 15, 2013

so sleeeeepy

welcome to two months of sleep deprivation! it's been fun and adorable and I've noticed I've become a bit silly and philosophical. I do that when I'm sleepy.

   I'm gearing up to open a Circle of SpiralScouts in my beloved Missoula Montana! SHUT UP SPELL CHECK! MISSOULA IS TO A WORD!

   I'm super excited and a bit nervous. I've never had that much power or responsibility before, unless you count being a parent.
   I will reword that. I've never had that much power and responsibility over a bunch of adults before. I've never organized a gathering of my peers for anything other than the occasional trip to the lake or drinking party, and I haven't even done that for probably two or three years now.

    My fiance and I are also getting ready to open up a totally nerdy/ geeky shop! Hopefully before April. We're aiming for a grand opening on May Day!

   In other news!
   My cockatiel is laying eggs! :S Her and her brother have been unsecessfully trying to mate. It's really very funny, but now, finally I've found another home for Boy Bird so they don't make retarded babies.
  It's sad cause they are both happy here and I love them, but it will prevent retardedness.

  Crafting? I did an amazing boil perm for my daughter's Rarity pony, but I've somehow confused my sd card so it's taking forever to get pictures off of.
   Here are some pictures I've already taken, cause, people like pictures!

 Someday I will marry this man.


Here is my awful "Before" picture. I had deep reservations putting this up, but perhaps it will help me work out.
About 6 weeks postpartum, 160lbs and chubby fat!
Soon, with Shaun T's help, I will be sexy again! 
Well, Baby's asleep so I'm gonna crash now! Possibly on my laptop! gvubhgfvtcrdy

Friday, March 8, 2013

Hello Blog!

I've been naughty and have been neglecting my blog. Poor blog, all alone and lonely.
Wow, I just realized I haven't blogged since before my daughter's birthday!

I'm almost finished with my little Luna's blanket and I am so excited to be done with it so I can start a new project.

I find it an unfortunate disappointment to report that the couch I was making was an utter failure. 

First, in my ignorance of woodworking, I drew the pattern pieces on the wood one after the other, using the same line between pieces which I learned was bad.

What happens when you do that is that the blade is a certain width, sooooo, when you cut a pattern like that, you loose more wood than you're supposed to.

At that point, I had no wood glue and no available car or ride, so I looked up huge amounts of upholstery videos and learned the pattern I had made was also very flawed.

Next I got to the store, and bought glue that didn't work for my project, so I had to go back and get more glue that WOULD work. Would work. Woodwork. :) Horay.

After that, I had a hard time gluing them together because the pieces didn't fit.

This weekend I think I'll finish it. All I have to do now is put on the fabric and padding, which is the part I did before.

In other crafting news, my daughter got My Little Ponies for her birthday, so I've been commissioned to make her some food for them. Zap apples and a bowl of grapes are first on the menu. Should be fun and much easier.