Friday, March 22, 2013

I feel Blog on Fridays

   On Fridays, my daughter goes over to her father's house on the weekend.

   There is a kind of emptiness I always seem to feel on Fridays because of this. It makes me feel sad, like there's no reason to get out of bed. It makes me feel board, like there is nothing for me to do, which, ironically, makes me more productive.

   In other news:
   Baby Luna is a tubber! I took my daughters for an egg hunt for the Spring Equinox/ Ostara and I saw a baby that was 6 months old there who was thinner looking and smaller than my two month tubbo! Luna was also using her legs and holding her head up just as stably. If I hadn't been told how old she was, I would have assumed Luna was older. My yiddle baby was born too grown up!

    Back to Me for Arts 'n' Stuff,
   Thanks Me, well I was very productive this week in Arts 'n' Stuff! Before the party I quickly made up seven heart and seven smiley face necklaces out of polymer.
   I also gave one of my Barbies, Monique, a french manicure. Pictures will be up, when I feel like taking them.
   As soon as the staple gun is found I will be working on the Barbie couch more, but until then I think I'll try my hand at some jointed Barbie babies.

  Right now I'm off to write in one of the two books I hope to finish by next year.

   That's it for the Weekly Breezy News, I'm your host, Breezy wishing you a great productive week.

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