Friday, March 29, 2013

Home improvements

I really need to finish some polymer clay stuff with my daughter and finish her couch. However, I have no idea where the staple gun wandered off to. It had a nice little home with all the other tools, but it seems most of them have wandered off into the great unknown.

I worry about because I'm a Mom and Moms are supposed to worry like that.

I hope wherever it is, it's happy, but I wish it would come home so we spend some time together and finish this project.

As for the polymer clay project, I have no excuses for that. They've just been sitting on my work/cutting board collecting dog hair which will:
                             A. Burn off when I cook the clay and make an awful smell.
                     and  B. Be a pain to pull of and make things ugly.

I do want to finish them, but I haven't yet. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? But for reason, I really don't care. Hmmmmm odd.

I've also been really, really considering excavating my beloved, expensive and fancy sewing machine to sew up some Barbie clothes!! Hells yeah! And I'm working on that goal by SPRIIIIIIIINGG CLEEEEANNNNINGGG-cleaning-clea-ning-ning-ning.

Yessss and while SPRIIIIIIIIING CLEEEEANING I've discovered that our kitchen sink was never calked down making the surrounding countertop wet underneath! Horay! So I guess I need to do take out for like a month so it dries and then calk it in? Or replace the counter top which will probably cost a lot?

I'd also like to get CLOSET ORGANIZATION SHELVES and make CRAFTING SHELVES, perhaps in the bedroom, or behind my sewing machine, which I should name, Yes. Sewing Machine will get a name soon. :)

Also I gave my Barbie, Monique, a french manicure. :)

Bye Bye

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