Friday, March 22, 2013


I just realized this is still in Drafts so I'm posting it finally!

On Sunday (Jan 13), I had a baby!

Her name is Luna Emma Kimerly.

I woke up Sunday morning at 5 am with strong contractions, which I still consider to be Saturday night.

My beloved fiance, Dan had been home from a frustrating day of work for an hour or two and was winding down with our roommate.

They were both surprised to see me waddle pregnantly, with sleepy eyes, from the bedroom. I pronounced that I having a contraction and sat down while my love whisked out to the cold shed with a flashlight to search for the water pump to fill the birth tub with.
The day before we had set up the birth pool to make sure it didn't have leaks, but Dan hadn't gotten the pump out yet.
After about a half hour of this continuous contraction, I said that I didn't think Baby was coming that night and the men, having done their manly duty in preparing for Baby, found other amusement
After an hour of the never ending contraction, I decided it was more Braxton Hics and headed back to bed.

Sunday morning at 11 am, which I do count as Sunday morning, I woke up again with strong contractions. Our fantastic midwife had previously told me to go do something totally different from what I was doing when the contractions started. If that makes them stop, then it's not labor. With my speedy detective skills, I decided that taking a shower was a good opposite to sleeping, so I took a short shower.

I noticed a meager gathering of dishes in the sink so I wandered over to clean them.
My lover loves a clean sink.
 When I grabbed the first pot, a gush of water exploded from me, warning everyone that Baby was coming soon.

Knowing that my love goes to bed around 6 or 7 am, I felt a bit bad about waking him so early, but I poked my head in the bedroom door and gently said, "Love, we're having a baby today."

He immediately jumped up and went into Daddy Panic Mode, turning on heaters and filling up the birth pool and generally running around frantically.

We called our fantastic midwife who headed over. She said that normally, she wouldn't head over so early, however my first daughter was born in under five hours while I slept. I didn't wake up until that one was crowning, so I'm special.

Five hours later, at 4:27, after pushing three times, Luna was born!
When I knew it was time I said, "time to catch." Daddy tried to catch her, but I stood up and he couldn't reach.

My neurotic dog, who had been fine with my grunts and the birth pool and the midwife, exploded in nervous barking when Luna screamed for the first time.

Luna was trying to be born face first, but changed her mind at the last moment and twisted around which bruised her whole tiny face! It was purple! Thankfully our midwife gave us vitamin K drops to give her and within a day two, the bruising cleared up.

We cuddled and loved her ever since!

Grandma Emma, after whom Luna is named, came right over with a bunch of beautiful flowers.

My eldest daughter, Amirra, was at her father's house at the time, but when she came home the next day. . . I was holding Luna when I opened the door for Amirra.
"Guess what?!" I asked her as soon as I could see her face.
She gasped in excitement, her eyes fluttering over her sibling.
"You have a new sister!" I told her.
I lowered Luna so Amirra could see, and she's been loving her ever since to!

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