Friday, March 15, 2013

so sleeeeepy

welcome to two months of sleep deprivation! it's been fun and adorable and I've noticed I've become a bit silly and philosophical. I do that when I'm sleepy.

   I'm gearing up to open a Circle of SpiralScouts in my beloved Missoula Montana! SHUT UP SPELL CHECK! MISSOULA IS TO A WORD!

   I'm super excited and a bit nervous. I've never had that much power or responsibility before, unless you count being a parent.
   I will reword that. I've never had that much power and responsibility over a bunch of adults before. I've never organized a gathering of my peers for anything other than the occasional trip to the lake or drinking party, and I haven't even done that for probably two or three years now.

    My fiance and I are also getting ready to open up a totally nerdy/ geeky shop! Hopefully before April. We're aiming for a grand opening on May Day!

   In other news!
   My cockatiel is laying eggs! :S Her and her brother have been unsecessfully trying to mate. It's really very funny, but now, finally I've found another home for Boy Bird so they don't make retarded babies.
  It's sad cause they are both happy here and I love them, but it will prevent retardedness.

  Crafting? I did an amazing boil perm for my daughter's Rarity pony, but I've somehow confused my sd card so it's taking forever to get pictures off of.
   Here are some pictures I've already taken, cause, people like pictures!

 Someday I will marry this man.


Here is my awful "Before" picture. I had deep reservations putting this up, but perhaps it will help me work out.
About 6 weeks postpartum, 160lbs and chubby fat!
Soon, with Shaun T's help, I will be sexy again! 
Well, Baby's asleep so I'm gonna crash now! Possibly on my laptop! gvubhgfvtcrdy

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