Friday, March 8, 2013

Hello Blog!

I've been naughty and have been neglecting my blog. Poor blog, all alone and lonely.
Wow, I just realized I haven't blogged since before my daughter's birthday!

I'm almost finished with my little Luna's blanket and I am so excited to be done with it so I can start a new project.

I find it an unfortunate disappointment to report that the couch I was making was an utter failure. 

First, in my ignorance of woodworking, I drew the pattern pieces on the wood one after the other, using the same line between pieces which I learned was bad.

What happens when you do that is that the blade is a certain width, sooooo, when you cut a pattern like that, you loose more wood than you're supposed to.

At that point, I had no wood glue and no available car or ride, so I looked up huge amounts of upholstery videos and learned the pattern I had made was also very flawed.

Next I got to the store, and bought glue that didn't work for my project, so I had to go back and get more glue that WOULD work. Would work. Woodwork. :) Horay.

After that, I had a hard time gluing them together because the pieces didn't fit.

This weekend I think I'll finish it. All I have to do now is put on the fabric and padding, which is the part I did before.

In other crafting news, my daughter got My Little Ponies for her birthday, so I've been commissioned to make her some food for them. Zap apples and a bowl of grapes are first on the menu. Should be fun and much easier.


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