Monday, July 30, 2012

Me/Craft: Presents!!

Horay for birthdays!

I'm having one next Saturday and I've got presents!

I've been trying to keep my doll population low, but when people know you like something you tend to get flooded with it as gifts.

My new addition. 

Adorable I know. However she has a cheap, Mermaid Tale body which leads to non-pose-ability.

I still adore the realistic feet though. I wish there was a way to get those feet on the Fashionistas (without mutilating the doll).

While gawking at the cute feet I also noticed that "Beach Feet Barbie" has much larger thighs. Which I agree with, both for improving children's ideals about being thin, and because I like larger thighs.

The Fashionista has a thigh diameter of  2 1/4" while the "Beach Feet Barbie's" thighs are 3" which means in real life Beach Feet Barbie's legs would be 3" thicker.

When I was taking these pictures I also noticed that I have a doll with UNPAINTED UNDERWEAR!! I shall have to rectify that asap.

She has purple highlights in her hair. . . not sure how I feel about them yet.

In other news. . . I've been staring wistfully at my patterns.

Someday I shall be reunited with my sewing machine and on that day, we will make beautiful, tiny clothes together!

Until then, I've been knitting a sweater, wait, a MANLY SWEATER for G.I Joe! ( Ignore the lipstick and purple fingernail polish. It's, manly . . .  in a, feminine way?)

I realized that I'd never made a real sized sleeve before, so I'm really wingin' it. I hope it comes out ok.

I am making a pattern as I go along. I may post it if there is any interest.

I LOVE SIXSCALE!! It's big enough to make teapots with lids that come off, but small enough that big furniture like beds and couches are still manageable.

Twelvescale is neat because all of the art people make with it, but I like to touch and play with my toys more than it allows.

Third scale, yes I have a Dollfie, is so big that anything I end up making is so big that it spends most of it's time shoved neatly in a corner.

Sixscale! Horay for Sixscale!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Me: Ferret Food Ordeal

Not long ago I went to the pet store that sells ferret food for my two adorable ferrets to find that the brand I've researched and used for the past 3 years was gone.

A "quick run to the store" turned into a two hour adventure! I frantically compared the two brands of poor quality ferret food and then wandered into the kitty food isle desperate for food without corn or raisins or other things harmfull to my dear fuzzy snakes.
I left dejected with the only bag I could find with three meats as the first ingredients.

Today I went there again to get bedding for our cockatiel's nest box and discovered that the whole ferret section is gone. Maybe it has moved in the store, maybe not, but I'm sure I will buying ferret food online from now on.

P.S We have two baby cockatiels which are adorably hideous right now. Pics coming soon.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Craft: I made Minis!!

I've been really productive this week.
I made

11 candy canes
5 pieces of bacon
3 steaks
2 hamburger/ breakfast sausage patties
2 dinner mints
2 beads

I like the candy canes and the hamburger/ sausage patties. The rest I'm writing off as a fail. However, it was very fun and I'm glad I made them. I suppose the beads turned out ok, they just began life as failed bacon.

When I decide to make more I may pull out the tripod and do a tutorial, but then maybe not because polymer clay gets my hands all sticky and I don't want to gum up my fantastic fiancé's expensive camera.

 Most Candycanes came out very nicely. 

 The hamburger/sausage patties came out well with nice coloring and pleasant texturing

 The bones and fat streaks didn't work well in the steaks. The texture was inappropriate and they look flat somehow.

 I think these were my third batch of bacon when I basically said "Good Enough!" and started something easy, which were candy canes.

 Beads. Used to be bacon. 

This looks like a menu!! How happy! Maybe I'll make one later!

 Eggs and Bacon

 Steak and Eggs

 Sausage and Eggs

 House Special; Bacon Beads and Eggs

Dinner mints.
I liked these until I saw a real dinner mint. They are white in the middle.

I love minis. These are 1:6 scale aka Playscale or Barbie size which is my favorite size to work in because it's big enough to have individual, relatively easy to find piece, but it's small enough that it doesn't take as much room as say 1:3 scale. 

Also this week I bought an inner tube, my fiance's  Geo's back window got broke out by a Hummer 3, the inner tube popped from heat so we had to take it back and get the last one. Then we went floating down the river!! It was awesome!

I'm off to explore another week!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Me: What is a "Real Name?"

I went to make a "Professional" Facebook page today as a writer.

It was a confusing journey which started with me looking up Facebook's policy on pseudonyms, which is my second favorite English word.

We're sorry to interrupt your scheduled blog post to bring you this irrelevant news!
My top two favorite English words are;
2. pseudonym  

Now back to the blog.

Facebook's policy sound to me like basically they think it's evil. From what I read it seems like they believe people with fake names will be Internet bullies. I respect that they are trying to keep the internet a safe and pleasant place and I do hate Facebook . . .
Back on topic, I got thinking, really, really hard about what is a "Real Name."

Is a real name your legal name?
What if you are a jr so you've always gone by your middle name? People looking for you on Facebook would look for the name they know. That would be the name they would consider to be your "Real Name" and if that's what people know you by, why would your legal name be more "Real" than the name you go by?

I knew a man who's name was "Burt." He was always Burt and I called him Burt and everyone I knew called him Burt and one day I found out his legal name was "Michael."

I have choosen the pseudonym "Breezy Kimerly (Kimerly doesn't have a B)" because even though my legal first name is "Breanna," it's only used by people interviewing me or by my mother when I was little and in trouble. I choose "Kimerly" (Kimerly does NoT have a B) as my last name because I plan on being married to a Kimerly (Kimerly not Kimberly, thank you very much Spellcheck) as soon as I can be, which is not yet, but when I get a reader base I'd like them to know me, which they wouldn't be able to do as well if I had to change my name.

I have decided that "Real Name" to me is the one most commonly used, that you like to be called to most.

Have you decided what it means to you?