Monday, July 16, 2012

Me: Ferret Food Ordeal

Not long ago I went to the pet store that sells ferret food for my two adorable ferrets to find that the brand I've researched and used for the past 3 years was gone.

A "quick run to the store" turned into a two hour adventure! I frantically compared the two brands of poor quality ferret food and then wandered into the kitty food isle desperate for food without corn or raisins or other things harmfull to my dear fuzzy snakes.
I left dejected with the only bag I could find with three meats as the first ingredients.

Today I went there again to get bedding for our cockatiel's nest box and discovered that the whole ferret section is gone. Maybe it has moved in the store, maybe not, but I'm sure I will buying ferret food online from now on.

P.S We have two baby cockatiels which are adorably hideous right now. Pics coming soon.

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