Monday, July 2, 2012

Me: What is a "Real Name?"

I went to make a "Professional" Facebook page today as a writer.

It was a confusing journey which started with me looking up Facebook's policy on pseudonyms, which is my second favorite English word.

We're sorry to interrupt your scheduled blog post to bring you this irrelevant news!
My top two favorite English words are;
2. pseudonym  

Now back to the blog.

Facebook's policy sound to me like basically they think it's evil. From what I read it seems like they believe people with fake names will be Internet bullies. I respect that they are trying to keep the internet a safe and pleasant place and I do hate Facebook . . .
Back on topic, I got thinking, really, really hard about what is a "Real Name."

Is a real name your legal name?
What if you are a jr so you've always gone by your middle name? People looking for you on Facebook would look for the name they know. That would be the name they would consider to be your "Real Name" and if that's what people know you by, why would your legal name be more "Real" than the name you go by?

I knew a man who's name was "Burt." He was always Burt and I called him Burt and everyone I knew called him Burt and one day I found out his legal name was "Michael."

I have choosen the pseudonym "Breezy Kimerly (Kimerly doesn't have a B)" because even though my legal first name is "Breanna," it's only used by people interviewing me or by my mother when I was little and in trouble. I choose "Kimerly" (Kimerly does NoT have a B) as my last name because I plan on being married to a Kimerly (Kimerly not Kimberly, thank you very much Spellcheck) as soon as I can be, which is not yet, but when I get a reader base I'd like them to know me, which they wouldn't be able to do as well if I had to change my name.

I have decided that "Real Name" to me is the one most commonly used, that you like to be called to most.

Have you decided what it means to you?

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