Saturday, December 7, 2013

The surprizing results of SCIENCE!

I bought some bright red fish food labled 
"Omega One: Natrual Protein Formula"
I will have to say, even though it did drastically change my fish's colors, I was pretty surprised by the results.

Aug 16, 2013

Nov 30, 2013

Notice the new orange tips on Gakou's pretty flowy caudal tail and improved intensity of the orange on his body?
Yes. Pleasing and now. . .


Before  on Aug 16, 2013
After on Nov 23, 2013

Notice the erm, complete lack his previous orange?
Yes that surprised me greatly!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Looks like I've made a knitting pattern

My baby  daughter has unique legs, so I had to make up with a leg warmer pattern. This is what I came up with.

Her chubby thighs are 12 inches around, but her dainty ankles are only 4 inches. This pattern was custom tailored to her so I'm not sure if it cold fit any other baby, but I wouldn't know how to go about changing it for different sizes.

Here goes. 

Yarn: Lion's Homespun, Lagoon color

Needles: US size 6 / 4.25mm

Gauge: 3 stitches per inch

Co 40 st

Work 2x2 rib for 1 inch

Work stockinette stitch for 1 inch

Next row * K 8, K2tog Repeat from * to end
*K 7, K2tog Repeat from * to end
*K 6, K2tog, Repeat from * to end

Work Stockinette stitch for 6 inches (length of calf)

Work 2x2 rib for 1 inch

Bind off leaving long tail to sew up seam.( I used the stretchy bind off).

. . . Sew up the seam. Knot the end. Cut off the tail. Make another, and then chase around designated baby until you can wrangle leg warmers on them!

Good Luck!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The problem with being "a crafter"

    Since my daughter was born, she's known I can make things. I bet in her very early childhood, she believed that all people, or at least all moms could make anything.

   This is cool for her because, if she wants anything, all she has to do is ask. For me on the other hand, it adds to my growing queue of "things to make."

    Now I'm "a knitter" which means, not only my daughter, but others are asking me to make things so now I have
  1. Things The Robot Princess asked me to make, to make
  2. Things other family members have asked me to make, to make,
  3. Things I want to give away for Xmas to make,
  4. Things I want to make for me to make,
  5. Things to make to sell on Etsy AND
  6. Things I want to give as gifts, but don't plan on doing it this Xmas

. . . WOW! I have too many things to make!

Here I go organizing them! I'll add pics as they pop up

Things The Robot Princess asked me to make, to make
  1. barbie couch,
  2.  little pillows, 
  3. knitted bracelet
  4. I'm sure I'm forgetting more

Things other family members have asked me to make, to make,
  1. Child's legwarmers
  2. crocheted potholders (I still need to learn how to crochet.)
  3. Hat and scarf for medium sized stuffed bear,
  4. Plate of sugar cookies for the same bear, one star, one snowman and one ginger bread man
Things I want to give away for Xmas to make,
  1. Iron Man doll
  2. 3 Monster High hats
  3. 3 doll sweaters
  4.  6 pairs of doll jeans
  5. 1    Teapot
  6. 1    Creamer
  7. 1    Sugar pot
  8. 4    teacups
  9. 4    saucers
  10. 4    plates
  11. 4    spoons
  12. 4    cupcakes
  13. 4    crumpets?
  14. 4    sandwiches
  15. 4    dresses
  16. 4    pairs of shoes
  17. 3    Invitation (optional) 

Things I want to make for me to make,
  1.  Pumpkin hats for the whole family!! EEEEE!
  2. Pretty Purple Shrug
  3. Sexy Stripy Sweater

Things I want to give as gifts, but don't plan on doing it this Xmas
  1. Something knitted for Mr. Professional, my beloved. 

Things to sell on Etsy. This will be the longest so I'm putting it last.

  1. Fashion doll sets
  2. Fashion doll outfits
  3. Fashion doll food
  4. Fashion doll furniture
  6. Twelvth scale food
  7. Twelvth scale furniture

Sunday, October 6, 2013


   I'm doing my absolute best to squeeze as much craft time out of my busy mommy-life as possible.

    Between the dark hours of the mornings, with chilly toes, I sneak out of bed and craft before little baby wakes up.
    During her fifteen minute to half hour nap, I drag out my polymers and craft like crazy before I have to shove everything back into their blue containers and dash them under the couch before she dives mouth first into them!

    Knitting is a bit easier, so I can sneak a row or two out whenever I can keep the shinny metal sticks out of her view.

    I'm desperately trying to work on my daughter's X-mas present, which is turning this normal Ken doll into Ironman.

It's going. I have a good base now, all I need to do is buy more polymer!

In other news: knitting!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mini Dinner


 I finished some leg warmers for the Robot Princess

I started some blue ones with much softer yarn. I was going to do another pair after this with purple for Baby Ang, but I do have a lot of knitting projects in queue.

Baby with her victim.

In a desperate attempt to get back on Etsy, I've decided to recreate my dinners in polymers, . . at least as often as I can.

Tonight I made porkchops with cheesy spinach and mashed potatoes.

 Phase One: Polymer
Let's compare, Hmmmmmm

And the last story of the night:

I made a master for making 9x13 casserole baking dishes. It's not nearly perfect enough, but it's a rushed start.

. . . unfortunately I didn't have the foresight to take pictures of it before smothering it in Mold Builder.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A lengthy introduction

  I joined a cow forum and typed all this out, then I realize it may be a handy thing for my bloggy blog.

    I'm learning how to make cheese tonight! I'm so very very excited! I just love learning how to make stuff and I figure it's a skill I can use when I achieve my life-long dream of crafting a farm around myself! Next on my educational list is canning!
   Just for fun, here's a sample of my dream farm so far:
         My current family and animals:
                 "Breezy"  Myself, (I like to think of myself as a "creator." I'm an author, I knit, I make miniatures of anything I can for "fashion dolls," I cut gems, I sew but mostly, I'm a caretaker.)
                 "Mr. Professional." My Beloved Hubby (He has lived on a farm before and once owned a blue roan mustang horse! He's just as excited as I am.)
                 "The Robot Princess,"  My oldest daughter (She loves the outdoors and needs a yard to frolic in before she becomes a cyborg.)
                 "Baby Ang," My youngest daughter. (My feisty new addition. Born in January this year, 2012)

                 "Puppy" My boarder collie lab x (Anyone know how to train a cattle dog without any livestock?)
                 "Rorshack" Mr. Professional's stubby-tailed love ferret.
                 "Valentine" My naughty little girl-ferret.

                 Mr. Professional just got a chameleon in August. I think it's a female. . . possibly. "She" is awesome!
                 "Jessie" The Robot Princess's common, white and red goldfish
                 "Gakko" My white and red-orange fantail goldfish (The name is Japaneese for "school." It's pronounced "Gah-Kou")

                 To a lesser extent I also raise mealworms, crickets and waxworms for our new lizard.

       ThE FUUUUUUTURE ADDITIONS!! (Cue epic echo voice!)
                Irish Dexters!! (For being cute and making milk!)
                Easter Egger chickens!! (For making plenty of colorful eggs and being sweet and cute.)
                Silkie Chickens!! (For being cute and amusing.)
                1 Gypsy Varner Horse (For being lovely, sweet and mine!)
                1 Horse of Mr.Professional's choosing.

                Probably a beehive (For making yummy honey, and scaring me, and because Mr.Professional loves them!)
                Possibly fainting goats ('cause they're funny.)
                Possibly but probably not, some sheeps (if I ever want to MAKE yarn instead of buying it.)
                Possibly, but probably not, a piggy. (Because Mr.Professional loves them, but it would become a pet.)

   I've done quite a lot of research, but right now I have no practical, hands on know how so I'll be nervous and excited so I figured I should immerse myself some helpful communities!

    Thanks and I hope to make some friends here!

Friday, September 20, 2013

RE: Crafting

Recrafting. Re = again,  crafting = to make

I am quite pleased to say that I am officially back into crafting!

I have two knitting projects going well . . .

 My very pretty shrug, which is temporarily paused so I could . . .

Make my daughter some legwarmers.

 . . .and I managed to pull out my polymers yesterday! (although the end product was an ugly botch that I scraped.)

   I have a consistent output of at least two book pages per day and I'm feeling pretty proud that I'm 27 pages in after only about a week and a half.

Crafty crafting! Wish me good luck!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Breezy and the Rainy Day Part 2

    Breezy, her seven year old, her infant daughter, and Puppy were all locked outside.

    With her phone locked inside, Breezy tried a neighbor's house, but they weren't home. Still feeling resilient, Breezy kept searching until she found a neighbor at home and borrowed his phone. She called her husband, but he didn't pick up the phone. She called her roomate, but he didn't pick up either.

   It started to rain, so Breezy thought about what to do.
    She thought about calling a family member to get her so they could hang out at their house until someone with a key got home, but the baby's carseat was locked inside.
 Breezy thought about going to a neighbor's house but Puppy is a special boy, who get's really nervous when  new things happen. Puppy poops on the floor when he gets nervous, so Breezy didn't want to take him to a neighbor's house.
    Breezy took the siding off the edge of the poarch and they all hid underneath while it drizzled. Even though it was super dirty, it was dry and they played it was a cave! It was still a pretty good day!

   The rain dried up, so Breezy borrowed the phone again and tried calling people agian, but still no one picked up.

   The sky got darker, and the rain got harder, and then, the rain got really really bad!

   The wind started to howl and scream and the raindrops started to come down so fast and hard that they hurt when they hit people! The rain started to come though the floor boards of the porch and Breezy knew something else needed to be done.

    Clutching the baby, they all ran as fast as they could to a neighbor's house with a big covered porch. They knocked on the door, hiding from the angry rain.

    No one answered the door, but at least they were more out of the rain.

    After a few minutes, someone did come. It was the nice widow who lived there. She said they could stay there until someone got home. Breezy explained about Puppy, but the neighbor said it was ok.

    Everyone was so happy!

    The neighbor gave them a tour. A movie had just started and the neighbor gave Breezy's oldest daughter a snack
    There was another puppy there and Puppy wanted to play with her, but he got scared and peed on the floor.
    Breezy felt awful and helped clean it up.

    Breezy kept calling and calling people, and after about an hour, everyone just wanted to go home. Puppy wanted to go outside all the time, not to go potty. He wanted to go home. When Breezy took him out, he wouldn't go potty, he'd just look at his house and whine.

    Breezy called and called. Puppy whined and whined.

    The movie was almost over when Breezy's roomate finally called back.

   He locked the door when he left to do errands early that day, but he came home and unlocked the door for everyone!

    Everyone was so happy to be home!

    That was enough adventure for a long long time.

...Breezy now keeps a key hidden outside.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Guess what?

Another lappy bites the dust. :(

Whyyyyy? Why oh why do laptops have to die, so often?

Now I'm playing on my hubby's $2000, handmade "desktop computer" and by "handmade" I mean, he crafted his computer himself and "desktop" I mean entertainment center . . . top.

   Yes, it is beautiful, impressive and massive in  both physical and computing regards.

   Sometimes I get on Doomputer, that's it's name, to log in to Second Life so I can SEEEEEEEE FOREVERRRRRRRR!! For the most part though, I sacrifice the amazing views in Second Life in favor of not having to log out of anything ever, and having my own save games of Minecraft, and having a port for SD cards to transfer pictures off of.

  Which reminds me!!

  I've actually been doing art stuffs!! I've been making LOTS of cute little polymer clay chibis off of characters from 80's movies for my hubby and my AWESOME 80'S BIRTHDAY BASH!
   I'll have to take pictures of the before I give them out as prizes . . . and then learn how to get them onto the Doomputer.

  I'm sorry about my lack of lappy hiatus and consequently, my lack of pretty pictures, but my good friend and roomate started a blog and he draws many pretty pictures and makes comics, oooooOOOOo

   So proud of him for joining the dark side and blogging with me.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Breezy and the Rainy Day, Part 1

    Yesterday, Breezy woke up quite tired from a night full of caring for baby.

    Breezy's lovely daughter wanted to play with friends, but they were too busy. Awww. But then, a different friend came to visit.
    This friend happened to be the very hyper kind of boy. Breezy yelled at him once because he was kicking her daughter, trying to make her fall down.
    For some reason, Breezy's daughter likes to play with him, so even though Breezy doesn't really like him, she is usually nice him.

    That day, Breezy had to chase him around to try to keep him from picking up her baby, or letting the ferrets out, or creating any other mischief.
    After that, Breezy felt bad.
    She remembered being a kid when old crabby people would sit on their chairs and yell at kids her age. Breezy didn't want to be like those old people.

   She sat and remembered how awesome she wanted to be when she was a kid. She remembered promising herself to never stop playing. She had planned on TEACHING kids all the time!
    So, she blinked her sleepy eyes, and organized the children.

    They played Pirates!
    At first, Breezy's daughter wanted to be princess that they captured, but then Breezy explained that she couldn't have any Pirate Booty if she was a captive.
   After some Piraty confusion, Breezy explained that Pirates would raid Merchant ships! So she played the Merchant and the kids were Pirates!
    They pillaged the money from the Merchant, made a real map out of a paper grocery bag, dug a real hole in the ground and buried their Pirate Booty.
    While running around, Breezy's cell phone kept falling because she didn't have pockets, so she put it inside, making sure the door was unlocked because her keys were inside to.
    Feeling generous, Breezy helped the Pirates divide their Pirate Treasure evenly, with math.
   It was $1.50 each!

   The boy headed home and Breezy felt satisfied, ready for a day of rest...
    When she tried to get inside, SOMEONE HAD LOCKED THE DOOR!!
    Breezy's roomate was gone, all the windows were locked and Breezy, her two daughters and her high maintenance dog were all locked outside!!


Join us again for part 2

Friday, June 14, 2013

Animal Crossing

I have an addiction.


It started on Sunday when my beautiful love bought Animal Crossing: New Leaf for me.

Now, don't get me wrong, I've managed to clean, wash dishes, paint my porch (with my fantastic grandparent's help) and even get some creative sewing done, but all I WANT to do, is play Animal Crossing.

The desire to mingle with strange animal people compels me. It's weird to because I only really like one of them.
I itch to design stupid virtual hats! I've even been dreaming about it! Last night I drepmt I got drunk and started shouting that I'm the mayor of Animal Crossing!

It sounds ridiculous to! I've tried explaining it to people!
 Why is talking to animal people, fishing and buying crap with money you got from selling sea shells fun?
It's ridiculous! And silly!

Anyway, I gotta go cook dinner really fast so I can design a hat or maybe a dress.

Here some, I dunno, pictures of the Barbie out fit I've made so far...

I made the baby, Barbie bra, Barbie pants and I'm working on the Barbie jacket.


Friday, May 31, 2013


 Our story begins with Youtube. Youtube told me that once you cut your celery, you can put it in water and it will regrow and you can have celery! So I tried, and for days and days, I didn't think it was working. I went to throw it away when I found it had roots! So I let it sit and guess what?!

 It growed!

I thought I cut it too far down, so when I made soup with the rest, I made sure to cut above the heart and stuck it in the water to.

It growed to!

I cut way too high that first time.


So then, when I cut up a Pink Lady apple, I found some sprouted apple seeds! Three of them. I chopped the fourth one. Opps.

Now, my oldest daughter is a sensitive soul, so she wanted to plant it to.
She mourned the fourth seedling.

I put them in some potting soil, leaving one on the top.

Eventually the one on top's root started turning purple,

so I figured that was a bad thing and pulled it out. 
I put it in a little shot glass of water and treated it like a sprout you'd eat in a stirfry, which seemed to help.
Eventually it bent over on itself so I latched the lively little guy on the edge and I've been keeping the root wet in hopes it will grow more root.
 Here it is now.

I've also tried regrowing some green onions and romain lettuce.

Green Onions in a jar

Green onions in a pot

 Green onions and celery today.

Lettuce the day after I cut it.

Two days after. (which is today)

P.S Here's my dog again.


Friday, May 24, 2013

A bit of inspiration followed by . . .

Often I'd hear, "They were too young to die."
I think what people mean when they say that is, "they didn't get a chance to reach their full potential." Which is sad, but I think that age does not have to be so restrictive.

There are a lot of people who have actualized some great things in their short lives, and many people who sadly, despite their great age, don't ever do anything.

I had a bucket list once, but I misplaced it so I was thinking about a new one and I realized, these are mostly things I could do often, or have done before and want to do again.

Bucket list/ Reoccurring To Do list:
  • Travel (camp, picnic, go to another state or country)
  • Buy a house with land
(This is stuff I can keep doing)
  • Grow and eat things I love (like raspberries, snow peas, pumpkins,)
  • Make my own environment better (do dishes, start a SpiralScout Circle in Missoula.)
  • Do something for each of my immediate family (cook dinner, snuggle, play)
  • Make someone feel loved (call someone, write a letter, send someone a video they'd like,)
  • Teach someone something
  • Make a list of everyone I love and communicate with them all at least every 3 months.
I've done a lot of things that were on my list so it was longer. That feels really good to, when you check something off your list. Here's a few: I've actualized a bunch of my childhood goals.
  • Write a book 
  • Own a business
  • Be a hypnotist
  • Learn computer programing
  • Have lots of pets
  • Get a third generation in my Sims 2 game
  • Make realistic;
    • Barbie shoes
    • Barbie clothes
    • Barbie food
  • Be a ninja
    • learn Parkour
    • Be sneaky
    • Learn a martial art

It's good to live and to do that I think one needs to know what their definition of living is and what things they want to live.

Brought to you by;
Zack Sobiech,
Secondhand Lions,
Nick  Vl-Va, Vu*cough cough cough
Stranger than Fiction

Now for something completely different!

My cloth diaper compromise.
Warning: contains poop.

Cloth diapers!! Yeay!! Good for the environment! Yeay! Very good for my daughter's sensitive skin! Yeay! Don't have to keep buying them! Yeay!! Horrible to clean. Boo!

So the internet says "washing cloth diapers is ssssooooo super easy, if you can't clean them as good as I can you just aren't doing it right or aren't very smart."
Well here's my "wash the bulk off in the toilet" problem.
  1. Toilets are not meant to clean things and are therefore smooth and round on the bottom.
  2. This means when I put my poopy diaper in the toilet to clean it, it just smashes poo into the cloth of the diaper and on the edges of the toilet to now I need to clean the toilet and also the diaper is now totally soaked in gross icky poo water instead of just the inside of the diaper being covered in poo. :S
     C."Use a sprayer" some might say as a solution. I've used a sprayer. It got the floor wet.

So, I have not found a way to use cloth diapers in a way where I don't have to put poo in my washing machine. Sad. :(
My compromise is that I will get liners for now until my little Luna is eating solid food.

I kind of see liners like disposable diapers, but as much washing as I'm doing, I think it will even things out a bit.

Look at Me Have the Ball Game

I play fetch with my dog, but I have a smart boarder collie so eventually he decides that fetch is no longer fun. At this point he will come up to me as if he's going to give me the ball, but then won't drop it without the command.
This is the "Look at me while I have the ball, game." I hate that game. It's not fun, so I stop playing, which irritates my still board dog who then adds whining.
Game goes like this,
  1. Dog has ball,
  2. I try to take ball,
  3. Dog pulls away 
  4. Dog stares,
  5. I stare
  6. Dog offers ball again
  7. I stare
  8. Dog looks away
  9. I look away
  10. Dog offers ball again
  11. I refuse to look at dog
  12. Dog whines to get me to look at him
  13. I refuse to look at dog
  14. Dog puts his paw on me
  15. I look at dog
  16. Dog offers ball
  17. I try to take ball
  18. Dog pulls ball back
  19. Repeat steps 11 and 12 until dog lays down
I hate that game.

Up next:
Vegetable gardening!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Breeziary

The Breeziary:
Putting words into more, human words.

An Introduction.

I think about things most people don't think about and one of those things is words. 

I think about words a lot and I think about what I mean when I say them.

Love, noun, [luhv]
a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.
sexual passion or desire.
a person toward whom love is felt; beloved person; sweetheart.
(used in direct address as a term of endearment, affection, or the like): Would you like to see a movie, love?
Well, that really doesn't help in my defination of love, that and the way most dictionaries spell their pronounciations is like a horrible minotaur maze.
SO, I'm making my own dictionary with pronounciations I hope more people can understand in words I hope more people can understand. 
Enemy (any-me) or sometimes, (En-nah-me)
I think an enemy is;
"someone I hate."
 Friend (fur-end) 
My friends are;
"someone I enjoy being around or communicating with."
 Hate (hay-T) or (H-ate)
If I hate someone it means;
"I would not try to save their life if they were in danger and I was the only one able to save them."
Love (L-uh-v)
When I say "I love you" to a person or something else that is alive, I mean;
I enjoy being around you almost every time I'm around you, and I want you to be happy so much, that I will do things to make you happy.
When I say "I love" and then I name something that isn't alive I mean;
"I enjoy this thing so much I want to be around it a lot and if it could feel, I would do things to make it happy."

Word: (W-er-d)
When I say word, I mean;
A sound or sometimes a hand movement or body movement that has a meaning that at least two people agree on. 


Friday, May 17, 2013

Oh Noes!

I ran out of time! Must blog quickly!
Blog blog blog, blog blog.


Friday, May 10, 2013


My brain talks to much.
It's why I had such bad insomnia when I was a kid. It's like my very own Navi, or Annoying Orange which floats around my head and blabbers constantly. It's like constantly flipping through the channels, and then they mix together.

"It was the right choice "
"I need to be the rigid kind of jello that can safely pack a baby into the other room."
"She sat and tried to procrastinate." 
"What am I doing? . . . I don't remember. . . THEN I'LL DO A SILLY DANCE!!"
"I remember when being random made me feel different and alone and sad. Now I embrace myself because-
-I love doughnuts. I pity anyone who hasn't had a Rosauers' doughnut. Rosa-you-ear-z. Rose-our's." 

Explaining my "social experiment" for today.

I'm not sure if this is truly a "social" experiment because it's just me, but I'm feeling lazy so I'm not going to look up what "social experiment" really means.

HOWEVER!! Today I have chosed to do an experiment and BLOG ALL DAY!!
I'm going to post this, then start again and blog all through out the day!

Why am I doing this? BECAUSE! Because before I became a NOVELIST, It makes me feel a bit arrogant to call myself that beings as I've only writen one book, which I guess isn't a "novel" it's more of a "novella" or something cute like that . . .

BECAUSE! Before I became a NOVELLAIST I ruined my brain so now every time I know I'm going to be writing, my brain starts EPICALLY NARRATING my life in third person.

. . . this happens every frickin' Friday :S . . .

SO! In hopes of PURGING my mind of third person, prepare for a day full of EPIC NARRATING!!

P.S I was puking-sick last week so that's why I didn't blog.
P.P.S I didn't know "through out" was two words.
P.P.P.S It seems like I have significant American and German readers! Hi five my fellow Americans for sharing this country with me and to my Germanic readers, I don't speak German, but thank you in English for taking an interest in my silly blog!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Alot of Love: My first Tutorial!

My awesome lover got my flowers for no reason! So I made him alot of love.

Now I will show you how I made alot of love.

Step 1:
Make ugly oblong ball of tin/aluminum/metal foil

 Step 2: Roll out big white blob of polymer clay.

Step 3: Coat ugly metal oblong ball in white polymer clay

 Step 4: Roll it around until the seam is gone and it's good and ugly like a weird white brain. Be careful and if you see metal popping out, cover it in more clay and roll it around until the seam is gone. 

Step 5: Add short stubby little legs

Step 6: Smash a big ball on one end of your oblong, pinch two bits up for the horns, pry a wiggly edge out for the mouth, add a tooth and two eyes.

Step 7: Make a quick heart shape cane, cut and stratigically cover your alot in hearts. 
(I used pink first and then a layer of red on his back.)

 Step 8?: Scratch the alot like crazy with long strokes so he looks shaggy.

Step Apple:(not pictured) Bake according to package instructions. Mine was a fat alot so I did 20 min on 275 (little circle for degrees) F!

 I used a colored pencil around his eyes and in his mouth for sleepy looking shading, a sharpie for his square pupils and a yellow? orange? marker for his horns and eyes

Step Goodbye: 
Watch as alot of love wanderes back into the wild after you release him after his rehabilitation.

Goodbye beautiful fellow. Have a great life and make lots of baby alots, of love. 

 . . . This step is optional.