Friday, August 2, 2013

Guess what?

Another lappy bites the dust. :(

Whyyyyy? Why oh why do laptops have to die, so often?

Now I'm playing on my hubby's $2000, handmade "desktop computer" and by "handmade" I mean, he crafted his computer himself and "desktop" I mean entertainment center . . . top.

   Yes, it is beautiful, impressive and massive in  both physical and computing regards.

   Sometimes I get on Doomputer, that's it's name, to log in to Second Life so I can SEEEEEEEE FOREVERRRRRRRR!! For the most part though, I sacrifice the amazing views in Second Life in favor of not having to log out of anything ever, and having my own save games of Minecraft, and having a port for SD cards to transfer pictures off of.

  Which reminds me!!

  I've actually been doing art stuffs!! I've been making LOTS of cute little polymer clay chibis off of characters from 80's movies for my hubby and my AWESOME 80'S BIRTHDAY BASH!
   I'll have to take pictures of the before I give them out as prizes . . . and then learn how to get them onto the Doomputer.

  I'm sorry about my lack of lappy hiatus and consequently, my lack of pretty pictures, but my good friend and roomate started a blog and he draws many pretty pictures and makes comics, oooooOOOOo

   So proud of him for joining the dark side and blogging with me.


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