Thursday, August 29, 2013

Breezy and the Rainy Day Part 2

    Breezy, her seven year old, her infant daughter, and Puppy were all locked outside.

    With her phone locked inside, Breezy tried a neighbor's house, but they weren't home. Still feeling resilient, Breezy kept searching until she found a neighbor at home and borrowed his phone. She called her husband, but he didn't pick up the phone. She called her roomate, but he didn't pick up either.

   It started to rain, so Breezy thought about what to do.
    She thought about calling a family member to get her so they could hang out at their house until someone with a key got home, but the baby's carseat was locked inside.
 Breezy thought about going to a neighbor's house but Puppy is a special boy, who get's really nervous when  new things happen. Puppy poops on the floor when he gets nervous, so Breezy didn't want to take him to a neighbor's house.
    Breezy took the siding off the edge of the poarch and they all hid underneath while it drizzled. Even though it was super dirty, it was dry and they played it was a cave! It was still a pretty good day!

   The rain dried up, so Breezy borrowed the phone again and tried calling people agian, but still no one picked up.

   The sky got darker, and the rain got harder, and then, the rain got really really bad!

   The wind started to howl and scream and the raindrops started to come down so fast and hard that they hurt when they hit people! The rain started to come though the floor boards of the porch and Breezy knew something else needed to be done.

    Clutching the baby, they all ran as fast as they could to a neighbor's house with a big covered porch. They knocked on the door, hiding from the angry rain.

    No one answered the door, but at least they were more out of the rain.

    After a few minutes, someone did come. It was the nice widow who lived there. She said they could stay there until someone got home. Breezy explained about Puppy, but the neighbor said it was ok.

    Everyone was so happy!

    The neighbor gave them a tour. A movie had just started and the neighbor gave Breezy's oldest daughter a snack
    There was another puppy there and Puppy wanted to play with her, but he got scared and peed on the floor.
    Breezy felt awful and helped clean it up.

    Breezy kept calling and calling people, and after about an hour, everyone just wanted to go home. Puppy wanted to go outside all the time, not to go potty. He wanted to go home. When Breezy took him out, he wouldn't go potty, he'd just look at his house and whine.

    Breezy called and called. Puppy whined and whined.

    The movie was almost over when Breezy's roomate finally called back.

   He locked the door when he left to do errands early that day, but he came home and unlocked the door for everyone!

    Everyone was so happy to be home!

    That was enough adventure for a long long time.

...Breezy now keeps a key hidden outside.

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