Friday, June 21, 2013

Breezy and the Rainy Day, Part 1

    Yesterday, Breezy woke up quite tired from a night full of caring for baby.

    Breezy's lovely daughter wanted to play with friends, but they were too busy. Awww. But then, a different friend came to visit.
    This friend happened to be the very hyper kind of boy. Breezy yelled at him once because he was kicking her daughter, trying to make her fall down.
    For some reason, Breezy's daughter likes to play with him, so even though Breezy doesn't really like him, she is usually nice him.

    That day, Breezy had to chase him around to try to keep him from picking up her baby, or letting the ferrets out, or creating any other mischief.
    After that, Breezy felt bad.
    She remembered being a kid when old crabby people would sit on their chairs and yell at kids her age. Breezy didn't want to be like those old people.

   She sat and remembered how awesome she wanted to be when she was a kid. She remembered promising herself to never stop playing. She had planned on TEACHING kids all the time!
    So, she blinked her sleepy eyes, and organized the children.

    They played Pirates!
    At first, Breezy's daughter wanted to be princess that they captured, but then Breezy explained that she couldn't have any Pirate Booty if she was a captive.
   After some Piraty confusion, Breezy explained that Pirates would raid Merchant ships! So she played the Merchant and the kids were Pirates!
    They pillaged the money from the Merchant, made a real map out of a paper grocery bag, dug a real hole in the ground and buried their Pirate Booty.
    While running around, Breezy's cell phone kept falling because she didn't have pockets, so she put it inside, making sure the door was unlocked because her keys were inside to.
    Feeling generous, Breezy helped the Pirates divide their Pirate Treasure evenly, with math.
   It was $1.50 each!

   The boy headed home and Breezy felt satisfied, ready for a day of rest...
    When she tried to get inside, SOMEONE HAD LOCKED THE DOOR!!
    Breezy's roomate was gone, all the windows were locked and Breezy, her two daughters and her high maintenance dog were all locked outside!!


Join us again for part 2

Friday, June 14, 2013

Animal Crossing

I have an addiction.


It started on Sunday when my beautiful love bought Animal Crossing: New Leaf for me.

Now, don't get me wrong, I've managed to clean, wash dishes, paint my porch (with my fantastic grandparent's help) and even get some creative sewing done, but all I WANT to do, is play Animal Crossing.

The desire to mingle with strange animal people compels me. It's weird to because I only really like one of them.
I itch to design stupid virtual hats! I've even been dreaming about it! Last night I drepmt I got drunk and started shouting that I'm the mayor of Animal Crossing!

It sounds ridiculous to! I've tried explaining it to people!
 Why is talking to animal people, fishing and buying crap with money you got from selling sea shells fun?
It's ridiculous! And silly!

Anyway, I gotta go cook dinner really fast so I can design a hat or maybe a dress.

Here some, I dunno, pictures of the Barbie out fit I've made so far...

I made the baby, Barbie bra, Barbie pants and I'm working on the Barbie jacket.