Friday, May 24, 2013

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Often I'd hear, "They were too young to die."
I think what people mean when they say that is, "they didn't get a chance to reach their full potential." Which is sad, but I think that age does not have to be so restrictive.

There are a lot of people who have actualized some great things in their short lives, and many people who sadly, despite their great age, don't ever do anything.

I had a bucket list once, but I misplaced it so I was thinking about a new one and I realized, these are mostly things I could do often, or have done before and want to do again.

Bucket list/ Reoccurring To Do list:
  • Travel (camp, picnic, go to another state or country)
  • Buy a house with land
(This is stuff I can keep doing)
  • Grow and eat things I love (like raspberries, snow peas, pumpkins,)
  • Make my own environment better (do dishes, start a SpiralScout Circle in Missoula.)
  • Do something for each of my immediate family (cook dinner, snuggle, play)
  • Make someone feel loved (call someone, write a letter, send someone a video they'd like,)
  • Teach someone something
  • Make a list of everyone I love and communicate with them all at least every 3 months.
I've done a lot of things that were on my list so it was longer. That feels really good to, when you check something off your list. Here's a few: I've actualized a bunch of my childhood goals.
  • Write a book 
  • Own a business
  • Be a hypnotist
  • Learn computer programing
  • Have lots of pets
  • Get a third generation in my Sims 2 game
  • Make realistic;
    • Barbie shoes
    • Barbie clothes
    • Barbie food
  • Be a ninja
    • learn Parkour
    • Be sneaky
    • Learn a martial art

It's good to live and to do that I think one needs to know what their definition of living is and what things they want to live.

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Stranger than Fiction

Now for something completely different!

My cloth diaper compromise.
Warning: contains poop.

Cloth diapers!! Yeay!! Good for the environment! Yeay! Very good for my daughter's sensitive skin! Yeay! Don't have to keep buying them! Yeay!! Horrible to clean. Boo!

So the internet says "washing cloth diapers is ssssooooo super easy, if you can't clean them as good as I can you just aren't doing it right or aren't very smart."
Well here's my "wash the bulk off in the toilet" problem.
  1. Toilets are not meant to clean things and are therefore smooth and round on the bottom.
  2. This means when I put my poopy diaper in the toilet to clean it, it just smashes poo into the cloth of the diaper and on the edges of the toilet to now I need to clean the toilet and also the diaper is now totally soaked in gross icky poo water instead of just the inside of the diaper being covered in poo. :S
     C."Use a sprayer" some might say as a solution. I've used a sprayer. It got the floor wet.

So, I have not found a way to use cloth diapers in a way where I don't have to put poo in my washing machine. Sad. :(
My compromise is that I will get liners for now until my little Luna is eating solid food.

I kind of see liners like disposable diapers, but as much washing as I'm doing, I think it will even things out a bit.

Look at Me Have the Ball Game

I play fetch with my dog, but I have a smart boarder collie so eventually he decides that fetch is no longer fun. At this point he will come up to me as if he's going to give me the ball, but then won't drop it without the command.
This is the "Look at me while I have the ball, game." I hate that game. It's not fun, so I stop playing, which irritates my still board dog who then adds whining.
Game goes like this,
  1. Dog has ball,
  2. I try to take ball,
  3. Dog pulls away 
  4. Dog stares,
  5. I stare
  6. Dog offers ball again
  7. I stare
  8. Dog looks away
  9. I look away
  10. Dog offers ball again
  11. I refuse to look at dog
  12. Dog whines to get me to look at him
  13. I refuse to look at dog
  14. Dog puts his paw on me
  15. I look at dog
  16. Dog offers ball
  17. I try to take ball
  18. Dog pulls ball back
  19. Repeat steps 11 and 12 until dog lays down
I hate that game.

Up next:
Vegetable gardening!

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