Friday, May 31, 2013


 Our story begins with Youtube. Youtube told me that once you cut your celery, you can put it in water and it will regrow and you can have celery! So I tried, and for days and days, I didn't think it was working. I went to throw it away when I found it had roots! So I let it sit and guess what?!

 It growed!

I thought I cut it too far down, so when I made soup with the rest, I made sure to cut above the heart and stuck it in the water to.

It growed to!

I cut way too high that first time.


So then, when I cut up a Pink Lady apple, I found some sprouted apple seeds! Three of them. I chopped the fourth one. Opps.

Now, my oldest daughter is a sensitive soul, so she wanted to plant it to.
She mourned the fourth seedling.

I put them in some potting soil, leaving one on the top.

Eventually the one on top's root started turning purple,

so I figured that was a bad thing and pulled it out. 
I put it in a little shot glass of water and treated it like a sprout you'd eat in a stirfry, which seemed to help.
Eventually it bent over on itself so I latched the lively little guy on the edge and I've been keeping the root wet in hopes it will grow more root.
 Here it is now.

I've also tried regrowing some green onions and romain lettuce.

Green Onions in a jar

Green onions in a pot

 Green onions and celery today.

Lettuce the day after I cut it.

Two days after. (which is today)

P.S Here's my dog again.


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