Friday, May 10, 2013

Explaining my "social experiment" for today.

I'm not sure if this is truly a "social" experiment because it's just me, but I'm feeling lazy so I'm not going to look up what "social experiment" really means.

HOWEVER!! Today I have chosed to do an experiment and BLOG ALL DAY!!
I'm going to post this, then start again and blog all through out the day!

Why am I doing this? BECAUSE! Because before I became a NOVELIST, It makes me feel a bit arrogant to call myself that beings as I've only writen one book, which I guess isn't a "novel" it's more of a "novella" or something cute like that . . .

BECAUSE! Before I became a NOVELLAIST I ruined my brain so now every time I know I'm going to be writing, my brain starts EPICALLY NARRATING my life in third person.

. . . this happens every frickin' Friday :S . . .

SO! In hopes of PURGING my mind of third person, prepare for a day full of EPIC NARRATING!!

P.S I was puking-sick last week so that's why I didn't blog.
P.P.S I didn't know "through out" was two words.
P.P.P.S It seems like I have significant American and German readers! Hi five my fellow Americans for sharing this country with me and to my Germanic readers, I don't speak German, but thank you in English for taking an interest in my silly blog!

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