Friday, May 10, 2013


My brain talks to much.
It's why I had such bad insomnia when I was a kid. It's like my very own Navi, or Annoying Orange which floats around my head and blabbers constantly. It's like constantly flipping through the channels, and then they mix together.

"It was the right choice "
"I need to be the rigid kind of jello that can safely pack a baby into the other room."
"She sat and tried to procrastinate." 
"What am I doing? . . . I don't remember. . . THEN I'LL DO A SILLY DANCE!!"
"I remember when being random made me feel different and alone and sad. Now I embrace myself because-
-I love doughnuts. I pity anyone who hasn't had a Rosauers' doughnut. Rosa-you-ear-z. Rose-our's." 

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