Sunday, October 6, 2013


   I'm doing my absolute best to squeeze as much craft time out of my busy mommy-life as possible.

    Between the dark hours of the mornings, with chilly toes, I sneak out of bed and craft before little baby wakes up.
    During her fifteen minute to half hour nap, I drag out my polymers and craft like crazy before I have to shove everything back into their blue containers and dash them under the couch before she dives mouth first into them!

    Knitting is a bit easier, so I can sneak a row or two out whenever I can keep the shinny metal sticks out of her view.

    I'm desperately trying to work on my daughter's X-mas present, which is turning this normal Ken doll into Ironman.

It's going. I have a good base now, all I need to do is buy more polymer!

In other news: knitting!

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