Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A lengthy introduction

  I joined a cow forum and typed all this out, then I realize it may be a handy thing for my bloggy blog.

    I'm learning how to make cheese tonight! I'm so very very excited! I just love learning how to make stuff and I figure it's a skill I can use when I achieve my life-long dream of crafting a farm around myself! Next on my educational list is canning!
   Just for fun, here's a sample of my dream farm so far:
         My current family and animals:
                 "Breezy"  Myself, (I like to think of myself as a "creator." I'm an author, I knit, I make miniatures of anything I can for "fashion dolls," I cut gems, I sew but mostly, I'm a caretaker.)
                 "Mr. Professional." My Beloved Hubby (He has lived on a farm before and once owned a blue roan mustang horse! He's just as excited as I am.)
                 "The Robot Princess,"  My oldest daughter (She loves the outdoors and needs a yard to frolic in before she becomes a cyborg.)
                 "Baby Ang," My youngest daughter. (My feisty new addition. Born in January this year, 2012)

                 "Puppy" My boarder collie lab x (Anyone know how to train a cattle dog without any livestock?)
                 "Rorshack" Mr. Professional's stubby-tailed love ferret.
                 "Valentine" My naughty little girl-ferret.

                 Mr. Professional just got a chameleon in August. I think it's a female. . . possibly. "She" is awesome!
                 "Jessie" The Robot Princess's common, white and red goldfish
                 "Gakko" My white and red-orange fantail goldfish (The name is Japaneese for "school." It's pronounced "Gah-Kou")

                 To a lesser extent I also raise mealworms, crickets and waxworms for our new lizard.

       ThE FUUUUUUTURE ADDITIONS!! (Cue epic echo voice!)
                Irish Dexters!! (For being cute and making milk!)
                Easter Egger chickens!! (For making plenty of colorful eggs and being sweet and cute.)
                Silkie Chickens!! (For being cute and amusing.)
                1 Gypsy Varner Horse (For being lovely, sweet and mine!)
                1 Horse of Mr.Professional's choosing.

                Probably a beehive (For making yummy honey, and scaring me, and because Mr.Professional loves them!)
                Possibly fainting goats ('cause they're funny.)
                Possibly but probably not, some sheeps (if I ever want to MAKE yarn instead of buying it.)
                Possibly, but probably not, a piggy. (Because Mr.Professional loves them, but it would become a pet.)

   I've done quite a lot of research, but right now I have no practical, hands on know how so I'll be nervous and excited so I figured I should immerse myself some helpful communities!

    Thanks and I hope to make some friends here!

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