Monday, July 30, 2012

Me/Craft: Presents!!

Horay for birthdays!

I'm having one next Saturday and I've got presents!

I've been trying to keep my doll population low, but when people know you like something you tend to get flooded with it as gifts.

My new addition. 

Adorable I know. However she has a cheap, Mermaid Tale body which leads to non-pose-ability.

I still adore the realistic feet though. I wish there was a way to get those feet on the Fashionistas (without mutilating the doll).

While gawking at the cute feet I also noticed that "Beach Feet Barbie" has much larger thighs. Which I agree with, both for improving children's ideals about being thin, and because I like larger thighs.

The Fashionista has a thigh diameter of  2 1/4" while the "Beach Feet Barbie's" thighs are 3" which means in real life Beach Feet Barbie's legs would be 3" thicker.

When I was taking these pictures I also noticed that I have a doll with UNPAINTED UNDERWEAR!! I shall have to rectify that asap.

She has purple highlights in her hair. . . not sure how I feel about them yet.

In other news. . . I've been staring wistfully at my patterns.

Someday I shall be reunited with my sewing machine and on that day, we will make beautiful, tiny clothes together!

Until then, I've been knitting a sweater, wait, a MANLY SWEATER for G.I Joe! ( Ignore the lipstick and purple fingernail polish. It's, manly . . .  in a, feminine way?)

I realized that I'd never made a real sized sleeve before, so I'm really wingin' it. I hope it comes out ok.

I am making a pattern as I go along. I may post it if there is any interest.

I LOVE SIXSCALE!! It's big enough to make teapots with lids that come off, but small enough that big furniture like beds and couches are still manageable.

Twelvescale is neat because all of the art people make with it, but I like to touch and play with my toys more than it allows.

Third scale, yes I have a Dollfie, is so big that anything I end up making is so big that it spends most of it's time shoved neatly in a corner.

Sixscale! Horay for Sixscale!

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