Monday, August 6, 2012

Me: Disasterafying my House

  I haven't done any creative things this week because we're getting a roomate soon! To achieve said roomate we've destroyed the craft room and now it's ALL OVER THE HOUSE!!

  I did however find an interesting stack of papers I wrote from my high school science fiction movie class. I set them aside so I could scan them and post them, and then promptly lost them among the living room CHAOS!

  Chaos is my favorite word. It sounds cool and although I believe it would be better if it was spelled with a "k," I love the way it looks.


Anyway, here's some pic of my baby birds.
 July 12

July 17

July 26

Aug 5

That's all I got for today. More crafting coming soon because MY SEWING MACHINE IS NOW ACCESSIBLE!! WOOOOO!

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