Monday, August 13, 2012

Craft/Me: Dead Lappy

   Well, my computer is dead. It's very dead. I'm not sure if you've ever seen a dead person before but there is an optical illusion, which I've forgotten the name of and can't find online, that makes it seem like they're breathing.
   Seeing my Lappy is like that. It's closed, resting near the spot where I used to use it. It feels like I could just grab it, and once I'd press the button the little green light would glow. A friendly warning that Lappy was on. Alas, when I press the button, nothing happens, not a blink, blip or stir.

   I have been quite productive though. We've rearranged every room except our kitchen and things are beginning to look nice.

   Also, my beloved fiance bought me a pasta machine, a lady mold and a polymer book for my birthday and I made a big batch of cookies!

I've found some great tutorial-makers on Youtube.

My recent favorites are:

SugarCharmShop who is my all time favorite! She doesn't have many polymer food tutorials, but the ones she does are fantastic!

GentlemanBunny who's polymer food tutorial playlist is 85 tutorials long and some projects are hit and miss so here are my favorites so far. (I'm up to video 40)
Jello Cake
Thanksgiving Turkey
Star Shaped Danish. . . Or dough shuriken

I've also enjoyed GardenOfImagination
The videos do include her family impeding on her progress and making her complain a bit and such, but I think it's fine because she makes amazing and beautiful twelve scale miniatures.

I'm sure I"ll find more, but until then I'm off to craft. . . or possibly take a bubble bath!

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