Thursday, September 13, 2012

It finally happened. My laptop died and no one can bring it back.
I loved my laptop. I even learned Linux when Lappy got too sick to run Windows.
Now I have a new tablet. It came free with the bed we just got.

My relationship with this new device is beginning very rocky. It's hard to use and I see it doesn't allow for spellcheck.

I keep rocking on the floor, telling myself "it'll be ok for now. It'll be ok."

Maybe someday I can bring civilazation to this unruly wolf spawn! Or perhaps I will find enough quarters in my couch to buy a real computer again!

As far as crafts go, I MADE STUFF! Unfortunatly I couldn't get pictures off of my camera onto this thing so now NO ONE GETS TO SEE THEM! (Exept for the little girl who now owns them).

I made a custom cake for her with her name, but I wasn't pleased with it so I attempted to make a treasure box with piles of gold coins. I failed badly, so I looked up a tutorial (which I will add when I figure out how to add hyperlinks and copy/paste) and made an adorible little baby statue. :)

I wish you could have seen it. You should have been there.

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