Monday, September 17, 2012

Crafting FAILURE! Teeth and FIRE!

Yesterday I attempted my first skinner blend!  It came out beautifully with purples, turquoise and black!

I also made a little baby in a white bunting at my Love's request. I'm 5 months pregnant now and I think he's going a bit baby crazy. It's adorable.

My crafting was interrupted when my love let our ferrets out to play. Our adorable little female ferret jumped up onto the chair I had the cookie sheet on.
She saw the baby and something in her little feral ferret brain snapped! She clamped onto the ribbing of the bunting like a great and mighty hunter!

Having ferrets really shifts your mind frame because where a normal person may scream in frustration because the project they took 45 or so minutes on was just ravaged. As a ferret owner I was far more concerned about her EATING UNBAKED POLYMER CLAY! I burst out laughing as I vainly tried to free her prey! When we did manage to pry her off, we were relieved to find a very crisp bite mark, meaning she didn't manage to EAT any!

The ferret was saved from her own stupidity for another day!

I love our ferrets so much! They are so cute!

Anyway, this baby is about a half inch thick so I plan on cooking it for about 20 mins, however, I put it in with the flat piece of skinner blend which is possibly the thinnest thing I 've ever done with polymer.

My love and I were sitting busily. I was scavenging through the internet, eating up the best polymer food tutorials I could find and searching desperately for active polymer swaps.

My lover had had me hide the power cord for his computer in a desperate attempt to free himself from his addiction to the internet and in his boredom was helping mash clay with baby oil for me.

He was the first to jump at the intentionally annoying rhythmic screaming of the fire alarm.

"Bre!" he exclaimed, "help me find what's on fire!" Then he ran down the hall frantically.

I found the plumes of foul smelling smoke from the oven to be quite telling and my heart sank.

Sadly, I turned off the oven and took the smoking cookie sheet outside outside.

In the dark of the night I could almost make out the green and black masses that were once my lovely creations.

In my great disappointment, I'd forgotten about to tell my lover who was frantically ransacking our roommate's room, ready to stomp out the ravenous flames!

When I came back inside, he rushed past me, hurriedly asking if I'd found the fire!
Only after I sadly and slowly explained he relaxed, after calling me cute.

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