Monday, September 24, 2012

My newest tinies; Notecards

My newest obsession/hobby is

I've sent 8 people stuff because of this site since I registered on Friday the 14.

It's given me a new craft! I've been making notecards!!

They are much easier than I expected. With simple and cheap paper combinations I've made really nice looking cards.

I bought a pack of Colorbok (with an umlaut over the o in bok) "Earthtone Warm" for the cards, and "Veranda" for pattern paper to glue to the cards. They were both $5 at Walmart and filled with paper.
Seemed like a much better deal than the blank, blue notecards I got from Office City. There were 20 cards for $17.
We'll see how many I can make with my $10 of paper. I do know that mine are prettier though.

Years ago I happened to have bought a scrapbook pack in a failed attempt to organize the huge bag of baby pictures of me my mom gave me. It had really pretty pop out shapes to write on.

I popped them all out and traced the holes onto card stock to make reusable pretty templates.

I measured out a notecard then traced my template onto the back of my pretty paper, cut it out and glued it to the front of the card.
It came out wonderfully.

Then I used my magic ruler and measured out five Barbie-sized notecards! I made a tiny template based off the other one I used and made a tiny matching notecard!

Next I found a very helpful tutorial on making envelops and made envelops for all my notecards!

I've also done a bunch of polymer clay stuff. I made ten little white bowls and one big bowl for the frozen yogurt from ToniEllison's Youtube tutorial, four waffle cones for her Coldstone Creamery Ice Cream tutorial, two cute little servings of spaghetti, and purple frosted sugar cookie.

I've also made a Mold Builder mold of a plate with my finance's desaudering braid case and a cupcake mold from the cap off of one of my ribbed paint tube caps. I lost the first, so I made another, only to find the first, kidnapped but unharmed by the dog. Now that I have two I may make more and make a cute little cupcake pan! :)

Until next week!


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