Monday, July 9, 2012

Craft: I made Minis!!

I've been really productive this week.
I made

11 candy canes
5 pieces of bacon
3 steaks
2 hamburger/ breakfast sausage patties
2 dinner mints
2 beads

I like the candy canes and the hamburger/ sausage patties. The rest I'm writing off as a fail. However, it was very fun and I'm glad I made them. I suppose the beads turned out ok, they just began life as failed bacon.

When I decide to make more I may pull out the tripod and do a tutorial, but then maybe not because polymer clay gets my hands all sticky and I don't want to gum up my fantastic fiancé's expensive camera.

 Most Candycanes came out very nicely. 

 The hamburger/sausage patties came out well with nice coloring and pleasant texturing

 The bones and fat streaks didn't work well in the steaks. The texture was inappropriate and they look flat somehow.

 I think these were my third batch of bacon when I basically said "Good Enough!" and started something easy, which were candy canes.

 Beads. Used to be bacon. 

This looks like a menu!! How happy! Maybe I'll make one later!

 Eggs and Bacon

 Steak and Eggs

 Sausage and Eggs

 House Special; Bacon Beads and Eggs

Dinner mints.
I liked these until I saw a real dinner mint. They are white in the middle.

I love minis. These are 1:6 scale aka Playscale or Barbie size which is my favorite size to work in because it's big enough to have individual, relatively easy to find piece, but it's small enough that it doesn't take as much room as say 1:3 scale. 

Also this week I bought an inner tube, my fiance's  Geo's back window got broke out by a Hummer 3, the inner tube popped from heat so we had to take it back and get the last one. Then we went floating down the river!! It was awesome!

I'm off to explore another week!

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