Saturday, March 30, 2013

Baby Clothes

     I don't usually blog so often, but today I dressed my adorable daughter in blue.

Such a cutie.

    Now that me thinking about when I used to dress my oldest daughter in blue as an infant and I got A LOT of crap for it.
   I was told it was wrong and that I'd make her gay (yes, direct quote) and that I was confusing her.

   Now, up until six months, on average, babies can only see black, white and red.
   That's why we themed our youngest's stuff in black, white and red.
   P.S My oldest daughter is very girly now and into boys more than a seven year old should be.

   This got me thinking so I did some research and found the origins of this blue/pink war. 
   There is an adorable picture of baby Roosevelt in a skirt on that link.

    Armed with this new knowledge I am going to dress my children in clothes I deem "cute" regardless of my child's gender or the clothing's color or contents!

   If anyone else gives me crap I will tell them that FDR wore a dress until he was six!

              . . . Tske that rude people from the past!

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