Friday, April 12, 2013

Painting House I've Been

 Epic Kitchen View (plus Dog tail )
 Our Watercooler
Myyyy cookbookshelf!

It was painted in a rush with total disregard to the ceiling!! Bwahaha! But I took care of the floor, cause I love it.

In other news:
I found my hot glue gun and therefore worked on the Barbie couch!
My progress so far.

 The seat is nearly level. I give me a B. No, B-


Some other piece.

Also I found my "Tiny Knitting Box" 
 Buffalo Joe was there with his sweater vest.
Also there was an unfinished sleeve for him!
. . . Joe says my red fingernail polish is "so 80's Honey."

 I added Pink to this tiny scarf.

 Then I realized I better work on my person sized project.

Busy times.

bye bye for now,

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