Friday, April 19, 2013

The art of Momming

Moms learn how to do many odd thing.

I open the bathroom door with my feet. I put my dog's leash on with one hand, and I wiggle my feet into my boots standing up.

We learn these things because one of our arms is Baby's home.
My child LIVES on my arm.

Some thing, however, I have not managed to learn how to do with one hand, like knitting, dishes, cleaning the ferret's cage, cleaning the tank and making polymers.
This is sad because I either want or need to do some of those things.

I usually do one of those things per day, often while my daughter naps from about 10 am to 1 pm.

Having said that, I did polymers!(And cleaned my fish's tank.) Which means I need to do dishes and clean the ferret cage. :-/ (<--- That's a face.)

I even got my roomate in on it! He's making a raptor! I'm making more babies . . . out of polymer.

I think I might learn how to use my hubby's camcorder and DO ALL THE (polymer food) TUTORIALS from ToniEllison AAAAAAAAAND GentlemanBunny . . . a bunch of her videos are private now. :( I may be too late!

I will do what I can.

Here is a ridiculously cute orange staring egg my daughter made for Easter THAT I ATE!
It was good.

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