Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Tree Ideas

   We just put our tree up moments ago, and despite our cramped little house it looks very nice.
   Beings as we're not quite doing "Christmas" anyway, I've decided to make a more personal topper for our tree this year. My daughter recommended Cthulu. :) She's so cute.  I love my little nerd so much!

   Every year after Christmas is over and everything is on sale, we each buy one new ornament a piece. It's a special little tradition I enjoy a lot. It makes our tree special.

 My family seems to like getting ornaments for Christmas so this year. . . :D They're getting THESE!!

   I'm disappointed that I haven't gotten any sales yet on my Etsy store. I was really hoping it would do something during this busy buying season.

   I have knitted some simple, grey diagonal dish clothes for my grandmother for X-Mas. I was thinking of doing my own design, but then I just really want to get stuff done in time.
   I plan on making a bunch of charms for people out of polymer, but I haven't gotten there yet.

   I've decided that since I will be a homemaker as of this Saturday (Horay for quitting my job!!) I will carve my own schedule out of my week!

Sunday I will have off because my love usually does to
Monday is the same.
Tuesday I will spend from 8am to 3pm sewing and knitting for profit.
Wednesday from 8 to 3 will be my polymer clay for profit day
Thursday I will work on the books I write. (One is published on Lulu already.)
Friday I will work on computer scripting.
Saturday I will do all the other random things I make, like Barbie books, boxes, shoes, shovels, toys, animals and furniture.

  Seems like a good plan. :) We'll see how well it works.

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