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   So far I have 14 whole things for sale in Etsy. It's been surprisingly hard to organize the things I have enough of to sell, research how much to sell them for with shipping and all that, take pictures of everything, crop and adjust the pictures, put them in little organized bags and wait. 
   The hardest part so far is waiting. 

   Once I have my first sale, I'll probably feel better, but so far it's like when I was writing my book. You spend hours and days and days working and working and working and halfway through, you still see nothing for it, but you feel. . .  every . . . second you've bleed into your work. 

   Recently Made

CANDY CANES!! Up on Etsy!
I made so many candy canes! 

I think there are 76 there.  Holy Candy Canes Batman!
I made three, distinct and pretty patterns!
 Pattern 1

Pattern 2
For Etsy I called it a "Ribbon Pattern."

Pattern 3

   I am so open to names for these patterns. If you have an idea, please, please leave it in the comments!

    Now these guys aren't on Etsy yet because I want to make more and put them in boxes and stuff, but I made tiny Barbie size truffles.

   I made the big ones first, then I actually researched and found out truffles are only supposed to be an inch big. :S 
    Boy did I feel silly.
    So even though my daughter loves the big ones (which would be 4 inch truffles in real life), I started making tiny copies!

 My Cookie sheet with most of the tiny clones ready for baking!
Two of them were sacrificed to the god of heater vents. He's also claimed a tiny green sucker. 

    Speaking of tiny truffles and my daughter loving them, I forgot to post these amusing pictures of her tea party last time.  

 "Don't mind Puppy. Puppy just wants to lay close . . ."

Du-dum, du-dum, "No, Puppy isn't hyper. Puppy is sleepy. He just wants to nap, right here by the tea party."

    I could see where this was going so after he snaked that close, so unfortunately for him, he was banished from the tea party. 
   He was way too interested in the miniature foods, and . . . we've had, incidents with Barbies and Puppy before. I've come home to a Barbie head before. Yes it was a Kelly doll, but he ATE the WHOLE body!!

In other news

Here's an update on Baby's blanket! It's taking FOREVER!!

And I'm out! :) See ya next week!

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